5.1 Growth Strategy. Vilven Llc’S Strategy For Growth In

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5.1 Growth Strategy Vilven LLC’s strategy for growth in Bloomington, IN is as follows: • Our main strategy is still advertising by word of mouth after attracting customers through our unique food experience offering. • Manage accounts on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. o Post these links on our concession trailer so that customers may follow us and share our information. o Promote the business by “boosting” our Facebook page. • Establish a partnership with local food takeout and delivery services such as BtownMenus and Mr. Delivery, and offer unique food specials through these companies. • Establish more partnerships with local businesses through cross-promotion and possible discount offerings. o We would also like to join…show more content…
This is because customers desire a place to sit to enjoy their meal, and this is not something that we can provide, as Bloomington’s ordinances prohibit this unless it is on a private lot. We have made attempts to permanently park in several parking lots to help us with this, but it has not been successful. Furthermore, our business directly depends on the weather for this same reason, which further limits the frequency that we can operate. This consequently makes our operating times unpredictable, particularly in the winter months, which damages our business both financially and in image. Our main prospect for growth is to expand operations by opening a brick and mortar establishment, which is our current main priority and goal. A brick and mortar establishment would allow us to remove these constraints and allow us to grow exponentially. If we have already accomplished so much by only being out selling three nights per week and on Food Truck Fridays, it should not be hard to imagine the success we could possess by having a retail location. By having this retail location with seating area, we can have fixed operating hours every day. Customers can also enjoy their meal inside without any concern of how the weather is outside. In addition, we would have a bigger kitchen area to have much more food preparations that will enable us to serve more
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