5.1.Introduction. Implementation Is The Execution Of The

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5.1. Introduction Implementation is the execution of the plan, or implement the idea or model, or design to do something. Also, is a procedure that must be followed in the initial thinking of something actually happen. Therefore, the implementation includes all the processes included in getting a new software or hardware work correctly in their environment, including installation, configuration, running, testing, and make the necessary changes. The chapter is organized as follows: Section 2 gives some information about programming languages used to implement the system. Section 3 presents programs and tools and software specification. Section 4 gives a general overview and screen shots of the system. 5.2. Programming Languages C#…show more content…
Through the API can determine how should interact the software components. Also, used the APIs in programming graphical user interface (GUI) components. Google API provides approaches to using the features easily. In addition, the API it is displayed interface that returns JSON encoded results that are easily processed by most programming languages and during runtimes [72]. Therefore, the Google API is a big group of developer tools. These tools make the programmers able to doing the operations by using Google API. Thus, the Google API is used to provide keywords for search engine Google and get the retrieval results from Google, and the combination of these two things can help users to find the information needed to better search [72], as shown in Figure 1. So, in this research has been used Google API to build a search engine for the news articles. 3. Custom Search Engine Google Custom Search is a platform offered by Google that allows web developers to offer customized information in web search results. Also, classified and organize the queries and create customized search engines based on Google search. Can anyone be allowed to create their own special search engine. Also, can create a search engine to search for information about particular topics to be selected, through the selection of specific websites. Also, selected unwanted information and the websites to search. This service allows the users
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