5 Ages of Hospitality

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Introduction: The 5 Ages of Tourism In our current era, travel requires nothing more than a computer and a couple hundred dollars in the bank. Anyone can simply get on a computer and buy a ticket for the next day to go anywhere in the world he or she wants. Travel has never been faster or more convenient as it is today, and that convenience is what leads to tourism. Tourism is the largest industry in the world when all of its subgroups are combined; it is difficult to come up with one definition for tourism, but it can be looked at as: The commercial organization and operation of vacations and visits to places of interest, or as listed by the World Tourism Organization: a
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Ford’s invention the assembly line made it possible for him to mass produce Model –T at a cheap rate. In 1908 the first Model-T debuted at $825, and 4 years later dropped to 575. These extremely economical prices turned the automobile from a luxury item to a staple in American society. People were now allowed to travel at will anywhere they wanted, perpetuating the tourism industry more than any other age. Road side Inns, resorts and attractions specifically for tourist increased tremendously after the mass ownership of automobiles. After conquering all forms of ground travel, man had some ambitions to take to the sky, thus came the Jet Aircraft Age. Wilbur and Orville Right were the first people to take flight, but their invention was not directly correlated with the commercial flight seen today. Two engineers, Frank Whittle of the United Kingdom and Hans von Ohain of Germany, developed the jet engine during the late 1930s. The first jet engine powered commercial airliner was introduced by the British Overseas Aircraft Corporation (BOAC); the 36-seat plane named Comet, flew for the first time on July 27, 1949. With the invention of jet aircrafts, exotic resorts can be made accessible, business can be made international, and cheap rates make it easy for the average citizens to explore the world. The last and most recent travel development is The Cruise Ship Age. Modern cruising is the
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