5 C's Of B2b Lead Generation

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6 C’s of B2B lead generation:

B2B lead generation can be truly successfully only if it involves both – a proper planning and a proper execution. A qualified lead in case of B@B should involve an individual/department/ vertical or department head who is a decision maker in terms of your business. For eg in case of shipping industry a sales professional from a main line operator (MLO) needs to approach a pricing manager/ocean exports manager in order to get business. Therefore it is very important to identify the individual/department/vertical or department head who will matter for your business. If identification goes wrong then 6C’s will be futile. Once you have identified the decision maker you can effectively apply the 6 C’s of B2B lead generation.
The 6 C’s of B2B lead generation are as follows:
!) Cold Calls/E mails
1.1) Cold calls While cold calling it is extremely important to understand that a sales professional has only 2-3 minutes to attract the prospective leads attention. Many MNC’s have a calling script which is used by trained tele-callers. Specific emphasis is laid on using certain phrases/words in a particular manner in order to create an impact on the mind of identified prospect (IP). What is the desired outcome of a cold call, one may ask? It is eliciting a favorable reaction from the prospect. A favorable reaction can be described in the following ways:
a) Prospect asking the sales person to send an

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