5-Day Lesson Plan

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Michelle Kendred April 23, 2011 Grade 7 Room 5 Oceans What is the origin of the ocean? What is an ocean/sea? What are the characteristics of the ocean? MEAP BENCHMARKS: I.1.MS.5, II.1MS.1, II.1.MS.2, V.1.MS.1 DISTRICT OUTCOMES: DPS Pacing Chart LESSON OBJECTIVE: SWBAT – 1. Understand and critique the theories on the origin of the ocean. 2. Utilize world map to identify the seven continents and five oceans. 3. Label and match oceans to the connecting/corresponding continent. 4. Compile a topographical list of characteristics of the ocean. 5. Determine commonality between sea and ocean. 6. Differentiate between the saltwater of the ocean to the freshwater of lakes and rivers.…show more content…
4. Understand the relationship between the ocean and the moon. MEAP VOCABULARY: Hydrologic Cycle, condensation, evaporation, precipitation, atmosphere, climate, global MATERIALS: Text book, “Ocean Ecosystem” handout, “Ocean Ecosystem” worksheet, paper, pencil. BELL WORK - “Do Now”: Students will define the key terms from the chalkboard. GUIDED PRACTICE: Read and work with students to interpret information from “Ocean Ecosystem” handouts. INDEPENDENT PRACTICE: Students will complete ecosystem worksheet. CLOSURE: Review and discuss student answers to questions from the board. SUMMARY/EVALUATION: Constructed response. HOMEWORK: Students will study for assessment on oceans and ocean life. ADVANCED PREPARATION: Copy assessments and plug in notebook computers for internet scavenger hunt - 04/27/11. Michelle Kendred April 27 2011 Grade 7 Room 5 Oceans Can you complete the ocean hunt? MEAP BENCHMARKS: I.1.MS.5 DISTRICT OUTCOMES: DPS Pacing Chart LESSON OBJECTIVE: SWBAT – 1. Complete assessment on oceans. 2. Utilize the internet to complete two online scavenger hunts on notebook computers. MEAP VOCABULARY: MATERIALS: Assessment, paper, pencil, notebook computer, and internet.
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