5 Drivers Of Sports Research Paper

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There are five drivers in the sports world that are keys to understanding which way sports are moving. The first driver talks about how there’s a blurry line between work and leisure in sports (Gunston, 2004). There is a blurry line because some sports to some people could be leisurely to them while others it may seem too much like a job, this is changing the sports we play and the types of people that play each sport. The second driver explains how consumers want instant entertainment when they are watching sports, which will put tons of pressure on people with sports related jobs and even the sports industry as a whole. Majority of people that watch sports want what they are watching to be as interesting as it can be, I’d personally agree because I’d say everyone likes seeing an entertaining and electrifying game rather than something boring that’s going to lose your interest. The third driver speaks about how the media and…show more content…
I believe this is very similar to sports today. Star sports athletes are the idols for kids all across the world, if they want to be or not. Sports stars get watched very closely meaning that any mess up could potentially ruin them as an idol. I feel like DeMarcus Cousins explains this without words. Boogie is debatable the best center in the NBA, granted he has what some would call a “bad attitude.” He has kids looking up to him wanting to be the same player he is, then he will let his emotions get to him and do something that many people frown upon. Machosport is the future of sports in my opinion. Technosport is when winning matters more than everything, even ethics (Gunston, 2004). To some athletes winning is everything even if you have to cheat to win. Ethically this is not where sports need to go. We don’t need big businesses running everyone in that association as pawns. I wouldn’t enjoy sports if this is what it came
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