5. Handling Objections: Handling objections deals with responding the queries and feedback with

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5. Handling Objections: Handling objections deals with responding the queries and feedback with regard to price, value for money, or any other issues from the prospects. But it is always great to find out and contradict them before they could rise. For e.g. the most common objection could be the price so always tell them the value for money they paid for particular products and the services, warranties and qualities.

6. Closing the sales: You are not successful sales personnel until you really get into the sales closing. No matter how well you do in above mentioned stages you are not succeeding until you sell something to your prospects. 20% sales people generally close 80% sales.
Closing techniques
 Ask for the order: would you like
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There can be different types of relationships in an organization that can range from just selling and not providing any services to the consumers in forming a partnership where the customers are involved in suggesting their needs and determining the type of products and services that can address their needs. By forming such relationship, the customers can get their needs satisfied and receive excellent service whereas the sales person can have their own advantage by increasing customers thereby increasing referrals that in turn help to gain more customers.
Traditional Vs Relationship Selling
Most common sales practice in the context to Nepal is a very traditional one. Mostly the sales are calculated as just the means of closing the sales no matter it would last at once. They contain a formulaic figure of the used-car salesman or the aluminum siding huckster as played by Danny DeVito in "The Tin Man." Where characters maneuver in a win/lose mode – where the main aim of the seller is mere to do fishing customer in their fishing rod to make them buy. On the contrary, relationship selling is a win/win game. This means any products and services sold to the customer truly need to satisfy them or both the parties in the end

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