5 Keys That Differentiate Successful and Unsuccessful Business Leaders

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5 KEYS THAT DIFFERENTIATE SUCCESSFUL AND UNSUCCESSFUL BUSINESS LEADERS 1. Create a feeling of energy, fun and excitement in the organisation Unsuccessful: settle for who you are; accept your limitations; let morale take care of itself. Many leaders have a great attitude – sometimes known as a “can do” attitude and irrespective of whether they have the skills to do the specific job, they have the inspiration and focus to motivate their team to see the vision and this creates a certain energy that allows all to harness the opportunity. Take a look at a sport coach (this is a form of leadership) and look at the focus required to get their team to be the best they can be and to realise the objective. It is important to set clear…show more content…
Knowing yourself and loving yourself unconditionally gives you an edge as a leader. You are comfortable with your skill set and freely give your knowledge and expertise to others in your team. You take time to mentor / train / teach your team some of the skills that you have and by taking this time you build rapport, become a leader who “walks their talk”, and someone who is willing to build the team. Recognise those who go the extra mile and make a special effort to accomplish a task within the time frame. Support professional and personal growth by developing staff through team building exercises within the organisation and when appropriate seek external courses to build excellence. Keep the communication with the other team members so that trust is being developed. This always takes time and is very worthwhile. Uncompromising integrity is a foundation for quality and service to both external and internal customers. Leaders do not engage in pettiness – it is an energy drain. Leaders harness their daily activities with priority lists and focus on accomplishment of stellar goals. With this commitment they inspire their team to also focus on not only their individual contribution to the goal yet also allow them to understand the wider business objective. Leaders show courage at all times and
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