5 Minds For The Future Analysis

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In today’s world, the role of education is misguided somehow. Howard Gardner in his “5 minds for the future” and Thomas Friedman in “How to get a job at Google” (an interview with Lazlo Bock, vice president at Google) want to show the importance of certain skills and mindsets that education may not provide. The message of the article and book is the same, but they put emphasis on different things. The most significant similarity is that both of the readings want to show that GPA is not the necessity to succeed. There are a lot more important skills which are ignored because of the standard way of education. Gardner believes that the balance of all his listed minds may help people reach the top of their opportunities. He claims that they are crucial now and will be much more in the future because, in today’s world, full of…show more content…
On the other hand, Bock mentions leadership, ownership and “expertise” because the priority of Google is much deeper and valuable. However, there are some similarities, in coding ability by Bock and in the synthesizing mind by Gardner as well as in humility and ethical mind. For example, both synthesizing mind and coding ability are about highlighting important information from different sources and gather together. To sum the difference, Bock’s article is about what you can do with what you know, and Gardner’s book is about the right manner of thinking. In conclusion, traditional education is not a criterion for a successful career. Gardner and Bock support this idea but Gardner mentions different mindsets such as disciplined or creating, however, Bock includes abilities such as leadership or ownership. Therefore, for Gardner and Bock mindsets and abilities mentioned above are more important than GPA to
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