5 Mother Sauces

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Five Mother Sauces

Throughout the history of cuisine; sauces have been used as a basis for many regional styles of cuisine. A sauce is defined as a liquid or semi-solid food served on or in the process of preparing other foods. Sauces are created to accompany other foods and make them look, smell, and taste better. They are easily digested and nutritionally beneficial. Sauces are not served by themselves; they add flavor, moisture, aromas, and visual appeals to a finished dish. Today there are many different compound or small sauces that can be seen worldwide, however these small sauces are linked to and are derived from the five classified mother sauces. Two French chefs that contributed to the creation of these fundamental sauces are,
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Bechameil had invented Béchamel Sauce when trying to come up with a new way of serving and eating dried cod. Only royalty would use milk in their recopies. Originally it was made by adding heavy cream to a thick veal veloute. However today it is usually made without veal stock. It’s also known as "white sauce." It is a smooth, white sauce made from a white roux made with flour, butter and boiled milk. It is usually found served with white meats, eggs, and vegetables. It forms the basis of many other sauces. For example cheese, cream sauce, Mornay, nantua, and Soubise are all made from Béchamel. Béchamel sauce is the easiest mother sauce to prepare.
A properly constructed Béchamel is creamy, and smooth with no lumps or graininess. You must use a stainless steel pan to cook in, if an aluminum pan is used it can discolor the white sauce to a murky grey. The flavor of the onion and clove used to season the sauce should be noticeable, but not strong enough to overwhelm the milk base. In similarity the sauce should not taste like the roux. Béchamel should have a sheen white color, and should be thick enough to coat the foods lightly in on the dish. Classically Served With, Eggs, Fish, Steamed Poultry, Steamed Vegetables, Pastas, Veal
Veloute sauce is a stock-based white sauce that can be made from a light chicken, veal, or fish stock thickened with a blonde roux. The blonde roux is responsible for the slightly off-white color that is darker than the white sauce. The

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