5 National Culture Dimension Comparation Between America and Japan

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Based on Geert Hofstede book titled Long-term Orientation (LTO) Cultures and Organizations: Software for the Mind, Third Edition, There are five dimensions of National Culture. Before, it was just a four dimensions but research by Michael Bond and colleagues among students in 23 countries led him in 1991 to adding a fifth dimension.
And the five dimensions of national culture are: Power Distance, Uncertainty Avoidance, Individualism vs Collectivism, Masculinity vs Feminimity, and Long Term Orientation.
Before i go to explain those 5 natioal culture dimensions and to help me explain about it, i put a chart below about the comparison of 5 National Culture Dimension between two most powerfull country in two largest continent in the world,
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Japan has 46 score, it shows In this case, Japan is totaly reflecting Asia, because most of Asian love to set them self in a group, and have some harmony on it. And also Japanese also known as the most country when the employees has a very deep loyality to their company.

In my opinion, Masculinity versus femininity is about the value system refers to genders’s role in society.If some country has a low number of masculinuty, means that country’s values systems refers to feminimity which is the society is caring others and have a good life quality. But if the country has a high score of masculinity, that is mean the country’s society is driven by competition and thought that be the winner means succsessfull.
US has 62 for masculinity, it means that US’s society is much to masculin. They want to have a lot of achievement as their succes standard, they would love to compete and be the winner instead.
Japan has 95 for their score, it shows that Japanese is an absolute masculin, their succsess is define by they become the winner or they can be the best in their field or not. So Japanese can easily motivated through competition to show which one the best of them.

Uncertainty Avoidance
In my brief opinion, Uncertainty avoidance is how people or groups dealing and preparing for unpredictable situation in

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