5 Principles of Management by Henri Fayol Apllied in Maxis Communications Berhad’s General Administrative Management

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1. Division Of Labor
• This principle of management simply means specialization increases output by making employees more efficient.
• Maxis Communications certainly practices this principle of management as its employees are divided into departments that match their capabilities and expertise in order to produce the most efficient and effective services and products.
• It is important that people who have a special talent or ability be placed at the correct department in order to maximize that ability or skill for the benefit of the organization.
• Maxis Communications has many different departments such as Finance and Administration, Network Engineering and Operations, Information Technology (IT) Services, Legal, Human Resources,
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• For example, if a task of successfully coming up with an interesting and attractive advertising campaign to promote Maxis’s new low call rates to increase the Hotlink prepaid subscriber base to an additional 10% is assigned to its Consumer Marketing Department, the head of this department alongside its group of expert employees will begin to draw up a plan towards achieving this task or objective that has been set for them. As the objectives of these employees are now the same and clear, they would begin the process of generating new ideas right up to the execution of the advertising campaign led by their department head to achieve that objective.
• The unity of direction in my view is very vital in every organization because it enables the employees to stay on track and perform at their best if they are led by one superior and are aimed at one objective. As mentioned above, every department in the organization would have objectives and goals to achieve all through their careers which are actually stepping stones towards achieving the common goal of the entire organization which in the case of Maxis, is to be a regional communications leader of choice. 4. Initiative
• According to Fayol, initiative suggests employees who are allowed to originate and carry out plans will exert high levels of effort.
• This is yet another principle of management that is
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