5 Reasons To Cheat On Your Girlfriend

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5 Reasons To Cheat On Your Girlfriend * I have a message for all the men out there addicted to pornography. In this post, you will not find porn to be one of the reasons to “cheat” on your girlfriend. Despite my contrarian views on relationships, I stand firm in my position that if your addiction to porn caused you to stray in a relationship, then none of these reasons apply to you. You owe it to YOURSELF to get your porn addiction handled. Start by getting a copy of Quit Porn In 30 Days. “He cheated on me !”. The very sentence elicits derision, disgust and a twinge of accusation. Blogs and facebook groups with followers in the hundreds of thousands exist to condemn the cheating man . The man who dared stray. Before we begin, this is…show more content…
Statistically, he probably does. Men need to understand the concept of cheating thoroughly. Men want to have sex with as many attractive women as possible and women want, ultimately, have a man committed to her emotionally and sexually, excluding all other women. Biology dictates both wants and society enforces and enables both sexes to achieve these wants. When I mention “women” in this article, I do not necessarily include “modern women”. That is, women who are financially independent and do not have nor feel the need to depend on men for anything. I'll be first to admit that our society is rapidly changing and a lot of this article will be generalities. Generalities, but ultimately, the undeniable truth. Its your choice as a man as to how you view your relationships with women. For, the curious, yes I've “cheated” plenty. 1) Its in your nature as a man: A healthy male produces billions and billion of sperm each time he ejaculates. He recovers within a few minutes to an hour and is again ready to produce billions of sperm. Women produce one or two eggs at a time and are only able to get pregnant mostly through middle age. Most men can produce healthy sperm too the day their heart stops beating. No biological clock for males. Biology naturally dictates that he impregnate as many healthy females as possible. Thousands of years ago, man spread his seed freely, without the spectre of “cheating” hovering over him. Its what nature
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