5 Reasons Why Donald Trump Should Run Or President Summary

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The article “5 Reasons Why Donald Trump Should Run or President” written by Mohamed Amine Belarbi has a strong positive view as to why he thinks Donald Trump should run for president. He gives us reasons such as “Crystal clear, No BS.” “Visionary businessman and leader.” “Understands crisis.” He also gives us his opinion on each reason to understand his mindset and his views towards Donald Trump. Donald Trump is not someone we should trust to lead the U.S. Donald Trump doesn’t understand politics and what it means to have the responsibility of a whole country on your shoulders. Trump is just a celebrity that is trying to draw attention towards himself by using the U.S elections as his playground. The author talks about how some of the reasons he supports Trump is because “he means what he says and he says what he means.” There have been many times where Donald Trump addresses an issue that we have but later ignores it. He says he cares about education and making it free, but then he says stuff like “People are tired…of spending more money on education than any nation in the world per capita.” For example, Trump University, he says he cares for college students, but when…show more content…
People no longer feel that this is the place of the great American Dream.” The author is right but to some extent. The American Dream is the freedom of opportunity and success, but with Donald Trump as president, that dream will completely fade away. Donald Trump focuses on “crisis” such as immigration and generalizing Muslims, Instead of focusing on the real crisis in the U.S. Such as how college students are getting destroyed by loans the moment they graduate. Taxpayers are paying huge amounts of money for Medicare. Donald Trump is not one to understand crisis when all he does is talk about the same subjects and not address what truly needs to be changed in the
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