5 Roles Of Housekeeping

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If we need to review the role that housekeeping plays in the operations and management of hotel. Firstly we have to define what is it Housekeeping in general. House Keeping is a heart of the hotel management industry. Hotels, motels, and inns around the world can succeed without ballrooms, meeting rooms, swimming pools, or even restaurants. But the one thing every successful lodging establishment must have, regardless of it’s size, location, or industry segment, is clean rooms. Room sales generally drive 70 percent or more of the revenues generated by lodging establishments. Without a well managed housekeeping department, there would be no rooms to sell (Martin R. J.,1998) Each department in hotel has to work like part of one big mechanism. Each part complements each other and makes all hotel better for times than it is. That is why connections and relations between departments are very important. The house
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The main idea of this report is to inform all workers about the status of all guestrooms in the property as it appears on the front desk records. In the reports the most used definitions are: R=ready room; OOO= out of order; V= Vacant ( on change); C/O= guest has (or will) check out today; SO= occupied (stay over); EA= early arrival today. The housekeeping employee in charge of opening the house transfers the information received from the front desk into forms to be distributed to the housekeeping supervisor who, in turn, will notify the room attendance before they begin to work in their respective sections. As guests check in or check out of the hotel throughout the day, the front desk notifies housekeeping. As rooms are cleaned, housekeeping notifies the front desk of the rooms being made available for

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