5 Stages Of Grief Essay

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Wolterstorff’s reflections in Lament For a Son Carla Soto Grand Canyon University: HLT-310V-0191 Spirituality In Healthcare April 26, 2015 During the following paper, I will be analyzing in the book “Lament of a Son” by Nicholas Wolterstorff, where the author interprets his traumatic recollection of the death of his 25-year-old son on a climbing accident, and how he was able to appease his grief based on his faith in God. Consequently, I will be identifying the 5 stages of grief, how the author finds joy after his loss, the meaning of death in the light of the Christian narrative, and how the hope of resurrection play a role in comforting the author. According to Elisabeth Kubler Ross, there…show more content…
Eric in his heart is irreplaceable and only an “emptiness is left.” He also talks about Eric with his unique perspective on life has been taken away and never returned. Questions in Wolterstorff’s mind that will never be answered because Eric is now deceased. Never to be sealed, an infinite abyss in his life due to the loss of son.(Wolterstorff, 1987). His bargaining is the result of his beliefs in God, the author asks himself why Eric had to climb the mountain alone. That he should have stayed on flat ground and why didn’t in all regards go with someone such as a friend. He then begins reading books on grief to answer questions that to get a better understanding on how to deal with the death of his son. In these books, God is mentioned. Correlating with bargaining which states the following, “secretly, we make a deal with God or our higher power in an attempt to postpone the inevitable.” Wolterstorff will not overlook the misery of Eric’s death but owes it to God. Furthermore, Wolterstorff remembers and mentions on his book the special dates, that typically bring joy and happiness, only bring him tears.He has many regrets; things that he may have should have done while Eric was alive. He mentions not taking him hiking, put work ahead instead of spending time with Eric, put off writing letters while Eric was overseas or off at school. He also mentions not
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