5 Steps to Tyranny

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A Different Way of Looking at the Five Steps to Tyranny Concept James Turner PSY 400 4/12/09 In week 5, we watched a television program called “The Five Steps to Tyranny.” It explained how five different steps that take place can lead to conflict and tyranny. The program used a variety of examples, from the Holocaust to an exercise used in a third grade classroom, to explain these steps and also how they lead to tyranny. When people talk about the “5 Steps to Tyranny” concept, they usually associate it with war. The five steps are, “us and them”, “obey orders”, “do them harm”, “stand up or stand by”, and annihilation. When we think about these different steps and come up with examples for them, we think about the…show more content…
The next step, “Stand Up or Stand By”, is one of the most important steps that takes place during this process. The victim can either “stand up”, have an intervention, not allow this abuse to happen anymore or they can say and do nothing and allow it to continue to happen. If the victim stands up for him or herself then step five of this process will not occur, however, if they do nothing then step five, “Annihilation”, will take place. When we talk about the final step of this concept, “Annihilation” in domestic violence, we do not mean killing the victim, but rather that the abuser has total control of the victim. For men and women who have allowed step five to take place, domestic violence takes place for the rest of the time that they are with the abuser. It is very disturbing to think that a five-step process can be created to describe the various stages of domestic violence. Domestic violence is taking place more and more in our society and it is sad to think how so many victims are allowing it to happen. Relationships are one of the most important to elements to life in our society. We have both good and bad relationships and both can lead to conflict. Marriage is one of the most interesting relationships in our society. Spouses can have a relationship between one another and all of a sudden it can turn sour very quickly. The
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