"50-50" by Langston Hughes

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“50-50” by Langston Hughes In the poem “50-50” by Langston Hughes, the theme is about a lonely woman seeking love. She might be a young woman who left her family in the South and moved North during the Great Migration for better opportunities, and that might be the reason why she feels she is all alone in this world. Or, she might be a widow or someone who has lost a partner, or boyfriend. She feels she is all alone because she has no man in her life. The monologue has a dual persona, a woman and a man having a conversation. The first character in the poem is the woman who expresses the things she does not have, and the second character is the man giving her advise on how to obtain the things she is searching for. The woman is…show more content…
He wants a relationship with her but it has to be 50-50 if she is willing. To be in a 50-50 relationship with the woman he would be providing her the things she ain’t got. She would have a man to hold her hand, share her bed, and she would have regained the lost of her head. He is actually telling her to trust him. He is willing to give up his time to spend with her, and she must be willing to share her bed and money. Money is the power symbol, which indicates she might be a woman with some wealth. The man wants a relationship with the woman, but he does not want to carry the full financial burden. He wants a woman who will help support the union on a 50-50 basis. She must be willing to work to share her money with him. In today’s world it is such a financial burden when the man has to support the family on one paycheck. When a woman works, she provides extra income to the household, releasing the pressure of the man being the sole financial provider. The author is saying that in a relationship both parties the man and the woman must have something to bring to the table, and it should be on equal terms. Every human being wants to be loved and share love, but we have to speak up and state what we want. In some cases we have to compromise, but we also have to be careful that we don’t compromise more than we’re getting. As a black woman who has strived to live a comfortable life, I would not want to be
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