Essay on 50 First Dates Psychology Analysis

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50 First Dates

In the movie 50 First Dates one of the main characters suffers from the severe condition of anterograde amnesia. The movie is about Henry Roth who is a wildlife veterinarian in Hawaii, meeting Lucy Whitmore a woman who has a short-term memory loss from an auto accident a year earlier. Henry meets Lucy at a local cafe and takes her out on a date. Henry falls in love with Lucy, but there is one problem when she awakens in the morning, she can't remember him or anything that happened that day. Henry must devise a plan to meet Lucy everyday and try to get her to fall in love with him again and again. Lucy Whitmore is the character with anterograde amnesia. Anterograde amnesia is a loss of memory of what happens after the
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They are very over protective of her and create a safety net over her whole life. So everyday her father and brother repaint the barn which she paints everyday, watch The Sixth Sense, and provide her with a copy of the same paper. Her brother and dad spend most all of their time keeping Lucy from the truth. Her lack of short term memory and possession of long term memories turn her brother and fathers lives’ into an everyday replay. One time after Henry and Lucy break up he visits Lucy and sees all of her paintings. Obviously when he comes by she doesn’t recognize him except that he looks like the man she has been painting. All her recent paintings include Henry in them. That means Henry has helped her some what retain some of her short term memories. Lucy’s disease is a very life changing and sad thing to happen to anybody. When somebody possesses this and they don’t know they have it, they can’t live a real life. Also the people in their lives have a big burden and a tough task to live with. Henry finally finds a solution in the end to help with Lucy’s situation. He makes a tape about their life and how they are in love and everyday she wakes up and watches it and learns about her accident. By doing this she is almost able to live a normal life just like everybody
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