50 Pros To College

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Now, the problem with most blogs and arguments today is that even though we acknowledge that there is some kind of problem without ever actually offering a solution to the issue. That is not the case here because the solution to this problem is quite simple. Do something, anything else really just don’t go to college! Now true college was made for some people but for those who feel like the alternatives might be for them, there is a book out there call 50 Alternatives to College. It is written by, yes, a college graduate named James Altucher and while it seems a bit absurd that a graduate would want to tell others not to go, but it is because he went that he can say to others not to go almost like a savior in some regard. Think of yourself…show more content…
The same goes for a lawyer, work as a paralegal for free for a year and learn what really goes down in the law firm and maybe in the courtroom too. (Altucher) These next two I really like, first he says Play. we as college ready students have spent almost all of our time from ages 4 to 18 sitting in classrooms working hard it was the only job we had up until now. Now we have the opportunity to have some fun, take it. The second alternative I really fell in love with because it gives new meaning to the saying blood is thicker than water, Altucher says you could watch a movie every day for a year with your mother, father, guardian or guardians and then discuss the message of the movie. You could also read a book a week for the same time but the important part is that you do it with a family member so that you get to build a new past time with them and gain a deeper understanding of who your loved one really is. All of that was to say that there are far too many alternatives to college that hold meaning and value that you could be spending your time doing, you don’t have to go to
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