50 Shades of Mt Druitt

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Chapter 1… Even though he only had one tattoo I yearned him to fill the lonely hours between Dr Phil and days of our lives. as he approached me with his pasty white arms hanging out of a Nike vest,his smile told me it was dole day, and I knew my velour track suit would be hanging off the lampshade tonight. As I stood in line at centrelink, thinking up reasons why I can't work, a sweet smell drifted past my pig like nostrils. It was a mixture of weed, sweat and lynx Africa! I turned and there he was Dwayne, with his pants halfway down his arse,our eyes met and he was soon lifting me onto the wheelie bins behind the Rec Centre. He had already tied his staffy to a post in an alleyway so we would not be disturbed. There was a tramp watching…show more content…
I was pulled forward so my bottom was perched on the edge of the sofa. I grabbed at his Bad Boy jeans and professionally whipped open his buttons in one swift flick of the fingers. His sweet aroma of Brut and smoke hypnotised me as his yellow stained fingers twisted at my nipples, he got turned on at the small amount of milk lubricating his movement. As he thrusted inside and I grabbed on his buttocks I just knew this was the start of something special. I was in love. As we lay back and smoked a Horizen I thought about what life would be like with Gazza. I knew I had hit the jackpot with Dwaynes brother, he had much better prospects and was wealthier than Dwayne too. You see Gaz had twisted his ankle while running from te police after robbing the bottle shop last year. He is now on the disability. I know in my heart Lauramtha will love him too. We could even pass her as one of his own children. That is unless she comes out black…… to be continued. Chapter 4… Today is the day Dwayne comes home. I will be hosting the party of the year. After two months in prison I know Dwayne will enjoy good knees up with his friends and family. I have not met most of his family so it will be a great chance for me to mingle and get introduced. The hardest part of the day will be seeing Gazza. He broke my heart, decided to cheat on me after 2 days with Wanita from down the road, she will be coming too. Wanita used to be with Dwayne too, she is apretty girl, her

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