500 Days of Summer Essay

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500 days of summer is a story where a boy meets a girl, he falls in love with her yet she does not truly love him. The movie shows the progression of the relationship of Tom and Summer. It begins when they first meet when Summer begins working as a secretary where Tom works and progresses to them casually dating. Summer is obviously hesitant and against relationships yet Tom is overly eager to find the perfect girl. The story ultimately shows the demise and after effects of their relationship. At first thought anyone could think this is the typical love story where the movie casually progresses to them living happily ever after. This is not that kind of fairy tale love story. A primary reason that Tom and Summer are able to be…show more content…
As time progresses Summer is made aware that Tom has an interest in her. Even though Summer has made her opinion known that she does not believe in love, they soon portray the obvious characteristics of mutual attraction and of being in a relationship. This most likely can be attributed to reciprocal liking; Summer starting to like Tom more, simply because she knows Tom likes her. Social Exchange theory is the best theory for explaining the actual relationship between Tom and Summer. They both feel a great reward in spending time with each other, which causes them to spend more time together. At first the mutual cost and effort of their relationship, is of lesser value than the rewards they receive. When Tom and Summer spend more time with one another, they are able to receive more affection, attention, and become closer to each other which is rewarding to them both with little cost or effort. Tom feels happy because he begins to break down her walls, so to speak, which is an increase in the perceived closeness that they have. Summer enjoys the time spent together, and the attention received from Tom. George Homans (1974) had the theory of Stimulus proposition under the social exchange theory that says, “If in the past
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