500 Elephant Research Paper

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For at least 30 years now, elephants have been endangered. During July 2016 a group called 500 Elephants started up to help save the elephants. 500 Elephants has been a huge help to the elephant community.
500 Elephants's goal is to bring 500 elephants to
Nkhotakota (nik-HOH-ta-koh-ta) Wildlife Reserve by the end of summer 2017. They do this by, shooting the elephants with a tranquilizer dart. The tranQuilizer doesn't hurt them in any way, it justs knocks them out. Then they use a crane to put them in a big truck, where it is taken to a new, safer home. The reason the elephants are endangered are because of poachers. The poachers shoot down the elephants. Once the elephant is safe to walk up to, they saw off the tusks and leave. They saw
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