500 Reasons Why I Love You.

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500 reasons why i love you. 1. I love the way you keep your cool whenever I do stupid things. 2. I love the fact that I've met you during the craziest time of my life and you changed it all in just a mili-second. 3. You're so adorable. 4. I haven't met your mom but I know we'd get along JUST FINE. 5. You memorized my phone number. I don't even remember it. 6. Thank you for being stupid enough to not leave me when all I do is hurt you. 7. I love your smile…. I seriously, seriously do. 8. I know you like it when I sweet talk. Ha! 9. Because you're never mad at me. 10. The tattoo? Rockin'! 11. The way you lose your accent when you sing. 12. You're cuddlesome. 13. You make me worry. 14. You make me jealous. 15. Because you never…show more content…
96. Miracle… you're a miracle. 97. Because I am truly by far the luckiest person in the world. 98. Your innocence. 99. You added me back on facebook. 100. The way you were able to open up to me the things you'd like to do before you die. 101. I'm starting to like habbo. 102. I love your messy room. 103. Your compassion for others. 104. Sweet that you'd like to help African kids. 105. You're irresistible. 106. You complete me. 107. I understand you completely. 108. Your voice is like candy to my ear. 109. You make 5 seconds so meaningful. 110. There is nothing in my life I'd like to change anymore. 111. You make me laugh sincerely. 112. I'd listen to you say, "South Park" all day long. 113. You know what's important. 114. You make my dreams come true. 115. How you never get mad when I make fun of your surname. 116. I love your surname. Honest! 117. You make me feel…. Different. 118. You're positive. 119. You're driven. 120. I appreciate you more than you'll ever know. 121. I love you because you love me for who I am. 122. You're very understanding. 123. You'd never backstab anyone in the back 124. You're a hard-worker. 125. Because when I'm sad, you're first person I run after. 126. You actually would like to know my story. 127. You like to stay up all night. 128. I know you're proud of me. 129. I find it extremely adorable when you're trying to express yourself knowing it's hard for you. 130. I just can't seem to stop

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