50s legacy in the Digital Era Essay

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ENT 201

Entertainment Since 1945

Assessment Description: Students are required to submit a report based on their first assignment, their in-class presentation and feedback from their peers. The report should focus on the topic: “The roles of culture and technology in the future of entertainment”. This should address any issues raised during the in-class discussion including opinions, arguments, insights or points of view raised by the class. It should present a synopsis of the student’s own work and that of other students with respect to each of the eras and technologies discussed in this course. It should conclude by outlining a vision of the future of the entertainment industry and showing how technology and current
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I believe that the impact generated by this element towards the entertainment industry is significant, principally in music. As people may have witnessed, the music industry has been a direct victim of the digital era and piracy, leaving many questions about what might happen and forcing industry experts, labels, artists and entrepreneurs to re-think their marketing strategies and re-invent themselves. As a result, Streaming services like Pandora, Apple ITunes Match or Spotify came to the world as several options for music consumption, yet I believe they are artist-unfriendly, especially for emerging acts. When a user wants to subscribe into any of these services, they are required to enter their credit card details. In the case of Spotify, artists earn the sum of 0.07 cents per streaming; this means that they will need around 50.000 plays to get $3.500. Unfavorable…

Is the action of paying by credit card through streaming services becoming the executioner of physical sales? There is no certainty about that, yet it is evident that this invention has influenced in a way people’s behavior, a behavior that has made undoubtedly an impact on the entertainment industry. On the other hand, there is still the old-fashioned way merged with a digital era creation: ITunes store. Royalties collected by the artist from this service can vary depending if they have a record label
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