50to60 Volcanic Eruption

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Did you know that 50to60 Volcanic Eruptions happen a month.This is because ash and hot hot rock build up in the earth’s crust in my opinion volcanic eruptions are cool but deadly. A volcanic eruption happens when ash and hot rock build up and explode out of a volcano.a A volcanic eruption can happen at any time.Volcanic Eruptions can happen any where there is a volcano and volcanic eruptions don’t happen in mississippi fun fact there is a volcano under mississippi.volcanic eruptions can last 1 to 20 days and are rated by V EI-0 toVEI-8 a volcanic eruption can be named but they’re named by where they happend. One really bad one was the one in Tambora indonesia over 70,000 people died from this volcanic eruption. The volcano erupted in 1815 the magma and ash could have covered the whole world twice it was that deep the volcanic eruption was ranked as VEI-7 sadly the volcanic eruption wasn’t named.…show more content…
One of the biggest lost of money from a volcanic eruption is 969 million dollars there have been thousands throughout history there are millions in danger in a given year mostly in yellowstone or Hawaii Thank you for reading this if you are reading this hope you learned something about volcanic eruptions and enjoyed
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