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Question 1

What things need to be taken into consideration when allocating work and drawing up work plans? Consider: goals and objectives, competence, operational need, efficiency, cost effectiveness, consultation

ALL of the companies operation
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Facilitating a cordial and a harmonious relationship between an individual employee and the line manager based on trust and empowerment.

Explain why has a code conduct (or a code of ethics or behavior) for the organization.

A code is an open disclosure of the way an organization operates. It provides visible guidelines for behavior. A well-written and thoughtful code also serves as an important communication vehicle that "reflects the covenant that an organization has made to uphold its most important values, dealing with such matters as its commitment to employees, its standards for doing business and its relationship with the community.

Explain why regularly monitor and evaluate the work of employees is necessary.

Monitoring and evaluation are important management tools to track your progress and facilitate decision making. Carries of an evaluation can be the community of people with whom your organization works. By closely examining your work, your organization can design programs and activities that are effective and yield powerful results for the community(William, et al 2010).

Explain why give effective feedback and reinforcement to employees and acknowledge good work.

Reinforcing feedback has a strong positive influence on behavior. Most of us like to hear compliments and feel recognized. Reinforcing feedback will encourage us to do what we did more often, and
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