583 Course Project

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McGraw-Hill Higher Education and Blackboard Strategic Plan Partnership TM 583 – Section C Professor Edmead 11/20/11 Section 1 – Strategy TCO F – Given an organizational and industry context, identify and suggest a deployment strategy that will facilitate the success of a technologically-driven organization. The McGraw-Hill Companies deployment strategy is providing individuals vital knowledge to enable them to reach their full potential throughout their lives. Also McGraw-Hill Companies is driving the financial services, education and business information markets through leading brands such as Standard & Poor's, McGraw-Hill Education and J.D. Power and Associates. McGraw-Hill make straight with three…show more content…
Middleware – remedy action Since the IBM ESA/390 mainframe is a client-server it needs to have software for employees to access data on server. McGraw-Hill purchased Remedy Action Request System software on run on their ESA/390 mainframe. Remedy Action Request (RAR) is software that stores user input in MYSQL table on the server. MYSQL tables include the source code which instructs the applications on how to cooperate with the users and the data. Action Request System has an open Application Programming Interface (API) which is a feature which allows users to create custom applications that talk directly to the Action Request System. Once a user enters customer information a Action Remedy ticket is created. A user can query the remedy action software for tickets numbers, case numbers, solutions, and/or how many times a issue have been reported. Employees access data on server IT Coordinators create a user accounts for every employee at McGraw-Hill. Once an account is created, the employee would have 72 hours to logon to RAR system and create a password to access the data. After the employee has access to server he/she will have rights to create ticket, create customer, edit customer, and open a close ticket. The only right that employees wouldn’t have access to is deleting users, and data override. Server outages/downtime As I bring you here today, I want to speak upon a couple of issues McGraw has been
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