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Julie Wilson Intermediate Diploma in Human Resource Management Developing Professional Practice 5DPP ` Contents Page; 1.0 Background of the Organisation 2.0 Introduction 3.0 Project Planning Tool 4.0 Project Plan 5.0 Risk Assessment 6.0 Creative Thinking 7.0 Project Team 8.0 Political Behaviour 9.0 Recommendations & Conclusion 10.0 Reference Page 1.0 Background of the Organisation Boots is a member of Alliance Boots, an international pharmacy-led health and beauty group. Our purpose is to help our customers look and feel better than they ever thought possible. Boots customers are at the heart of our business. We're committed to providing exceptional customer and patient care, be the first choice for pharmacy…show more content…
4.0 Project Plan ‘A project is a connected sequence of activities involving a range of resources, designed to achieve a particular outcome and frequently used as an instrument of change. It takes place within a defined period of time and is the responsibility of a single individual or agency’ (CMI p17) Elbeik and Thomas (1998) identified ten key requirements of a successful project; 1. Clearly defined objectives 2. Good planning and control method 3. Good quality of Project Manager 4. Good management support 5. Enough time and resources 6. Commitment by all 7. High user involvement 8. Good communications 9. Good project organisation and structure 10. Being able to stop a project (CMI p18) It is important to consider who the key stakeholders are within this project as they will help to support the success of the project and be instrumental in approving any changes that are recommended. These people are the management teams within the stores, as they will want a process that is simpler and has less impact on the store operation and customers. The recruitment team within the shared services in Nottingham head office will be consulted and could

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