5EEG Online Task Essay

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Amelia Davies
5EEG Online Task
What is meant by employee engagement?
The CIPD (2014) factsheet states that Employee Engagement is a concept that ‘is generally seen as an internal state of being – physical, mental and emotional – that brings together earlier concepts of work effort, organisational commitment, job satisfaction and ‘flow’ (or optimal experience)’. An engaged workforce willingly demonstrates discretionary effort within their roles; their goals and values reflect that of their employers/organisation; they express a passion for work, feel valued and that their work has meaning.
To what extent is there employee engagement in your organisation, or an organisation of your choice?
Within my organisation, a specialist
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A negative psychological contract can lead to feelings of negativity and disengagement. If employee expectations are managed and their views and contributions actively encouraged and acted upon, engagement levels should improve.
Job satisfaction: ensuring that employees are supported and feel confident in undertaking their duties; providing task variety and achievable targets to promote fulfilment
Clarity of job role/performance expectations: jointly agreeing targets/objectives that are clear, fulfilling and stretching will motivate employees. Successful performance management processes measure performance against targets, provide regular feedback and positive reinforcement and work collaboratively with employees to evaluate performance, development needs and future aims and objectives.
Implementing flexible working practices pay and reward schemes and career development initiatives can also be observed.
In organisations with high levels of engagement, line managers play a key role in enhancing job engagement, with the support of organisational initiatives. Typical leadership qualities promote:
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