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5IHR USING INFORMATION IN HUMAN RESOURCES BUSINESS PROPOSAL ON FLEXIBLE WORKING PETROULLA MENIKOU CIPD 23144012 FLEXIBLE WORKING Contents Page Number 1. Purpose of the Business Proposal 3 2. Analysis of Good Practice 3 3. Aim 4 4. Stakeholders 5 5. Secondary Research 6 5.1 Secondary Data 6 5.2 Primary Data 7 - Surveys/Questionnaires - Interviews - Group Discussion - Professional Peer Networking 6. Findings 9 - Data and Facts 9 7. Best Practice Evidence 11 a. CIPD Case Study 1 11 b. CIPD Case Study 2 12 c. ACAS advice 12 8. Operational Plan 14 9. Recommendations for Added Value 15 10 Conclusion 15 Bibliography…show more content…
The objective is to use flexible working as a tool and to formalise a strategy to assist with staff retention and enable the company to be more competitive in the employment market. Below are some variations of flexible working: Part time Employees are contracted to work anything less than full time hours Job sharing A form of part time work where 2 people share the responsibility of one job between them Flexitime Employees can choose, within set limits, when to start and finish work Compressed hours Compressed working weeks- reallocating work into fewer and longer blocks Working from home Employees regularly work from home Zero hour contracts Employees have no guarantee of working hours, and can be called upon as and when required. Remote working Permits employees to work at a remote location from the employers workplace 4. STAKEHOLDERS There are a number of stakeholders that would take an active interest in and may be affected by this study for a variety of reasons. A list of stakeholders involved is shown below: Stakeholders Why they may be interested or affected by this study How they may be interested or affected by this study Board of Directors They may consider implementing this policy to create a happier workforce and to limit staff depletion and increase staff retention. They may want be interested in increasing staff efficiency and thus provide better service to clients enabling

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