5g Mobile Systems : Do We Have Enough Energy?

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5G mobile systems – do we have enough energy? Abstract The 5G mobile systems will bring a revolution in the way people communicate. This study will examine whether the global community has the capabilities to develop and deploy the 5G mobile systems. Arguably, the success of 5G mobile systems will highly depend on its ability to promote bandwidth efficiency, which is an issue with the past generations of telecommunication networks. To achieve this, there is a need to develop efficient networks. In addition, standardization is needed to provide an avenue for different types of devices to interact without any conflict. Furthermore, the study identifies interoperability as a challenge that undermines the effort of researchers, scholars and technology analysts to deploy 5G mobile systems. In this case, there is a need to provide an avenue for different networks as well as devices to communicate and share data. Finally, the study highlights information security as an issue that will constantly arise. However, based on the past research and study finding, the global community can deal with threats of cybercrime irrespective of its evolving nature. Importantly, the study concludes that the global community can build and deploy 5G mobile systems successfully. Table of contents ABSTRACT 2 1.0. INTRODUCTION 4 2.0. LITERATURE REVIEW 5 2.1. DEVELOPMENT OF 5G MOBILE SYSTEMS 5 2.2. IMPLEMENTATION OF 5G MOBILE SYSTEMS 6 2.3. CYBERCRIME AND THE 5G MOBILE SYSTEMS 8 3.0.

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