5s Implementation

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A 5s Implementation Plan
For The Shipping Department at Helical Products Co.
By Eric William Walker

A Senior Project submitted
In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo

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Helical Products Company is a business that manufactures flexure products, such as couplings and u-joints. As part of a movement towards lean manufacturing, Helical Products Company of Santa
Maria, California is need of a principle that will help them continuously improve their shipping department. A study of 5S, a lean principle focused on waste
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The company focuses on machined flexure products, such as u-joints and couplings, for various industries both domestically and internationally. A recent interest in these lean concepts has generated discussion on to where and exactly how the implementation of lean should begin. The location was decided on the shipping department. The concern in this particular department is reducing shipping errors, producing an efficient work environment, some small safety concerns and overall organization.
A diagnosis of the concerns proves that the shipping department is in need for 5S implementation and error proofing. Based on gathered and researched information from various cases studies, books, and journal entries on the topic a design will be created on how to implement 5S. The research begins with an overview of what lean is. Included, some of the researched information will feature a discussion on some success stories along with a discussion of why companies may fail at implementation of lean. The research will then pinpoint to the topic of 5S with particular supplementation of visual factory and error proofing concepts. The design will focus on molding these concepts, which typically applied to production at the manufacturing level, to a shipping environment.
Many of these concepts were first introduced in IME 233 – Work Design and Measurement and theories were briefly revisited in IME 410 – Production Systems and
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