5th Paper Final Draft

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Julian Malile
Professor Tommasi
Expository Writing
2 December 2014
Writings Involvement with Self and Society The self is expressed in a multitude of ways ranging from speeches to television as well as writing. Not only that but as human beings it is instinctual to make an observation and write it down, but we tend to add our own personal view as to what we believe, or interpret something entirely else from the observation. By reading Karen Ho's "Biographies of Hegemony" and Jean Twenge's "An Army of One: Me" essays as well as Robert Thurman's "Wisdom" it is evident that each employed a distinctive argument and method to explain their views on what they wrote but what each of them shared in common was how their writing allowed their
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Their entitlement and self worth is not in them it is constantly told to them and so they believe it when in actuality these people who run our countries finances may not be the "smartest". "They [investment bankers] make Harvard students feel like they are best and are constantly reminded of that" (Ho 176). By Ho showing the mindset behind these people to the public she helped bring society to the realization that the investment bankers although obtained knowledge at these elite institutions they, investment bankers, are not very different from the rest of society. The students, investment bankers as well as the rest of society are placed on a level playing field and in turn Ho brings them all together as well as her "self". In addition to revealing to people what the true "self" of others was, Jean Twenge explains in "An Army of One: Me" that the "self" is changing with generation after another specifically in the twentieth century. Twenge argues that over the second half of the twentieth century, American's have become more about individual celebration rather than the being worried about other. This new change in individualism had a direct correlation how the "self" is now viewed, "[f]or the Boomers, who grew up in the 1950s and 1960s, self-focus was a new concept, individualism an uncharted territory... which is why many Boomers talk about the "self" using language full of abstraction,
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