6 + 1 Traits Of Writing Analysis

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Education Northwest created “6+1 Traits of Writing” as a method for teaching and assessing writing. This model consists of six “writing” qualities, ideas, voice, organization, conventions, word choice, and fluency, and one “appearance” quality, presentation. The main theme and the details of the writing are presented in the “ideas” of the piece. The “ideas” describe how clearly the writer shows his thoughts. The internal structure of the writing is presented through the “organization”, which lays out the sequence of the story, its strength and logic, and the connections in the written material. The writer expresses his feelings trough the “voice”. The “voice” distinguishes the writer as who he is. Through the “word choice”, the writer articulates…show more content…
Too often students think that they cannot write and that is because they do not know what is expected of them. With proper modeling and guiding, the 6+1 traits of writing helps students develop their skills. The rubrics aid students in evaluating their own writing and make improvements. These traits, which should be taught in English classes, can and should be applied in other classes, such as math, science, and history. For example, in math class students demonstrate “sentence fluency” when they explain their reasoning while solving problems. In science class, students practice and use the “convention” trait when applying formulas and assigning units of measurements, the same way they use grammar and punctuation in English classes. Although “6+1 Traits of Writing” has seven essential traits, which should be taught and assessed by English teachers, in my opinion, content area teachers, included myself, do not have to use all of them concurrently. In Math or Science classes, I can focus on one or two traits, depending on the information which is being taught during a certain lesson. A great way to implement and use this model would be writing a research paper with a theme from history or science in collaboration with the English teachers, whose focus would be teaching the sentence fluency and conventions. “Six plus one traits of writing” can be applied in core classes, but only if it is taught in English Language Arts
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