6 Age Related Risks Essay

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For Seniors, It’s Serious: 6 Age-Related Risks To Your Smile Health issues may naturally come with age, but who says you have to take them lying down? Believe it or not, something as simple as regular dental visits can make a big difference in quality of life as you get older, even if you’re sporting dentures or have managed to keep your smile free of cavities. Stay one step ahead of these six age-related oral problems by making routine checkups a top priority. 1. Oral Cancer No one is immune from the threat of oral cancer, but more often than not, older patients are diagnosed with the disease. Many symptoms—especially those that emerge in less accessible areas of your mouth and throat—are hard to detect on your own, but your dentist can spot the warning signs right away with a thorough screening. Since oral cancer screenings are conducted during each checkup, regular visits are critical to…show more content…
Having them checked periodically by your dentist can help minimize the risk of mouth sores (“stomatitis”), chewing and speech problems, and/or bad breath due to worn or ill-fitting dentures. Furthermore, dentist checkups can result in early detection and treatment of bone loss, a common side effect of wearing dentures over time. In certain cases, implants may be recommended by him or her to help maintain the existing bone and improve denture stability. 6. Worn Dental Work Similar to dentures, any previous dental work needs to be looked at regularly to avoid preventable mouth problems. Fillings, for example, can weaken, crack, chip or come out completely, re-exposing cavities that can deepen and result in infection if left untreated. Bridges, crowns and veneers are just as vulnerable to daily wear and tear, and should be inspected often to minimize the chance of a dental emergency. Enlist The Help Of Family And
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