6 Branches of Philosiphy

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What makes philosophy so important?
Tyus V. Harshaw
American Intercontinental University

PHIL 201-1501B

Jerry Nwonye

April 05, 2015

Although the many aspects of philosophy have shaped the world today, most of it has come from rules that are still applied to everyday life. All the important questions to life’s answers aren’t going to be always answered but can be theorized in some way. In philosophy often people use different branches of determining certain things are and asking certain question according to what they apply to. These methods are known as the braches of philosophy including: metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, aesthetics, politics, and social philosophy.

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Nowadays living in a society of being judged by almost everything you do can surely affect one’s morality simply because they don’t won’t be made of a mockery. People would rather do nothing than be the one to do something out of the goodness of their heart, it’s always about the “what do I get if I do this?” instead of “I will expect nothing if I do this”. So it can throw peoples morals off by being the person society wants them to be instead of being the person they want to be and being responsible for their own actions.
Determining the question of “What is beautiful” is the question most asks themselves and how they can achieve it. In Aesthetics art seems to be a prominent subject that people can relate to as being beautiful. Whether the art form is music, painting, reading, writing, all these are based on judgment of what you think is beautiful. The importance of aesthetics is the unique perspective of thinking especially when it comes to beauty or art. Being able to see it from your own eye and parts of it that look beautiful to you. Ultimately beauty comes from the eye of the beholder, the person determining what is beautiful is always going to be the solution. For example, if everyone is in a pottery class and there’s a finished vase and it’s jagged, crooked, and beat up but people are calling it beautiful because of technique and you don’t think so because

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