6 Challenges For International Students In College Essay

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When moving to a new town, a new country, or even a new continent, there are many challenges students face when receiving education in a new culture. There is a variety of challenges which these students face, including language barriers, economic resources, and what people refer to as “culture shock”. The combination of these three challenges, alongside many unlisted others, can sometimes lead to a very challenging assimilation phase for new residents of place, especially when they are also new students.
The first challenge that new immigrants can face when receiving education in a new culture is that of a language barrier. Many times when starting education is a new culture, the primary language courses are offered in, may not be their own
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According to the Merriam-webster dictionary, culture shock is defined as “a sense of confusion and uncertainty sometimes with feelings of anxiety that may affect people exposed to an alien culture or environment with adequate preparation”. In the article 6 Challenges for International Students in College by Katy Hopkins, she discusses different effects of culture shock that international students have affect them. With a new culture comes many different changes, both in education and in social life. In regards to education, there are two distinct points that Hopkins makes. First, she points out that many universities require students to take a variety of courses, or what is referred to as ‘general study’. Hopkins says that, “this can come as a surprise for international students who expect only to take, for example, business or engineering courses”. (Hopkins. 2012) The second aspect of cultural shock that Hopkins points out is the change in the dynamic between professors and students. In other countries, academic environments are more of a hands-off experience, with a distinct role for students and instructors. Whereas in education in the culture they may be entering, as Hopkins states, “professors…want learning to be a collaborative experience, and encourage participation from students both in class and during their office hours”.
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