6 Drivers in Relationship Selling and Sales Management of the Coca-Cola Company

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1. Introduction
Accompanying with the increasing of global economy, the enterprise has created many new opportunities in the new economic situation. Market is developing and changing rapidly. As the competition increases, products and services become more indistinguishable, and markets become established, it is becoming increasingly tougher for companies in retailing industries to distinguish themselves from other stores. Simply offering customers with technical solutions to problems do not be sufficient anymore to be competitive and obtain and retain market share (Omar et. al 2009).As the expansion of the new product’s brand, the new form of marketing is emerging. Customer’s standard of demands to the products and
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In the early years, the company hoped the brand available, affordable and acceptable to build that is instantly recognizable and popular in the minds of customer. Over the years, it reinforced their strategies to accommodate the new demand of consumers, focused Coca-Cola on building the brand identity by providing a value for the price differentiation in order to meet preferences of consumers and ubiquitous penetration. Nowadays, Coca-Cola grows to a company with strong brand identity and brand image among testing at least 20 brands on a monthly basis with a sample of 4000 consumers.
Evaluation of consumer response
Also, the company insistently evaluates the response of consumers to its brands in order to assess the perception of customer and the thoughts of consumers towards their products. Consumers relate to brands with specific symbols and promises to be fulfilled.
Reaching a strategic consensus
Another important factor of branding strategies for Coca-Cola is that strong brands make great sales and increase revenues. However, Coca-Cola further the strategy by building a brand that has the sales by attracting and retaining the best long term human capital and investment in labor relations and customer relationship management to increase taken. This has to reach the company not only to a strategic consensus and alignment at all organizational levels, but also allows trigger positive feelings in the minds of consumers.
Brand loyalty
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