6 Main Principles of Osteopathy

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A) Write an account of how the topics below integrate and influence your understanding of Osteopathy. The AOA defined 6 Osteopathic Principles Concepts of Health 3 stage diagnosis and treatment plans General systems theory Holism Word count 1,998 This essay focuses on the integration of the 6 main principles outlined by the American Osteopathic Association with my consideration of them at a deeper level during the osteopathic approach. From the days of Still we are reminded that structure and function are a primary focus reciprocally interrelated-so much so that the basic structure of the skeleton and the parts that make it up are designed to operate a certain mechanical way. The physiological and deeper functional…show more content…
The somato- somatic neural control mechanism of motion involves sensation, integration and activation. Somato-emotional may become associated with negative emotions e.g. Self image with disease. Viscero-visceral adjustment may involve regulation of disturbing influences on the vital organs e.g. irritable bowel syndrome and feedback from the gut. Viscero –somatic could trigger a protective mechanism integrating for example the pelvic floor muscles. Somato-visceral triggering feedback from the muscles for example the piriformis would trigger an autonomic response to the brain to adjust the function. Finally viscero-emotional may mean avoiding engagement of the affected area which could lead to pain and distress. Our thoughts, diet/nutrition, exercise, rest, environment and physiology have a positive or negative impact on us which affects how well we perform and feel. In the world of sports, this is very easy to demonstrate because the mind/body connection provides you with immediate feedback. When you are positive, your performance excels. When you are negative, your performance is adversely affected. With various types of distress, or Trauma, randomness within the body increases and problems start to manifest and pathological processes can begin. Your body reflects your feelings and how you carry your feelings

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