6-OHDA Model

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Since it is already known that Parkinsons is a neurodegerative disorder but the etiology is uncertain as regards what exactly can contribute to its original progression the need for Parkinson induced models is critical. 6-Hyroxydopamine (6-OHDA) is a compound specifically designed to determine the molecular mechanisms of neuronal death. 6-OHDA is the most widely used neurotoxin for both in vivo and in vitro studies to model the common Parkinson trait of nigral degeneration. 6-OHDA is a synthetic hydroxylated analogue compound of the normal endogenous neurotransmitter dopamine. The very first biological effects of 6-OHDA were demonstrated by (Porter et al., 1963) and (Stone et al., 1963) however the compound was first isolated in 1959 by Senoh (Senoh and Witkop, 1959).…show more content…
This was achieved upon administering the neurotoxin through a systemic injection but direct intracerebral injection produces neuronal lesions as the neurotoxin is unable to cross the blood brain barrier so administration for models is a vital step in order to produce Parkinsons symptoms. The preferred locations in the brain for injection are the substania nigra, striatum or the medial forebrain which is a common root for rat models, these locations reflect the motor defifcts associated with parkjinsons by dopamine depletion in the striatum and destruction of the dopaminergic neurons (Blum et al., 2001). What makes this neurotoxin more benifical is that it has been found to be a endogenous neurotoxin in both rat and human brains reflecting similarities which aid in rat models being a nobel model (Senoh et al.,
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