60 Years of Independence - India's Achievements

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60 years of Independence - India's achievements
Contemporary India with a scientist President and an economist Prime Minister is very successfully treading the fast track of development Starting from an utterly ruined and exploited country under the rule of the haughty Britishers who sponged away the India wealth, the story of India's success in the last 60 years, is one of the proverbial rise from 'rags to riches'. India's development within a short span of time, to the level of a country which on its own conducted nuclear test, joining the elite club of nuclear powers, and now becoming a rightful contender for getting a permanent seat in UN Security Council, speaks volumes about India's success.
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It out-rightly rejected this proposal. This bears ample proof that India has its independent foreign policy. It has matured politically and has now become very realistic in its approach. It takes decision according to whichever way suits best for the national interest. Now there is no place for misplaced idealism or shibboleth of third worldism.
Showing utmost political maturity, India shoved aside decades of sloth and signed major agreement with China a country earlier thought of as a backstabber and talk with it was a big no. Our country has now refused to be trapped hopelessly in the remains of a bad yesterday, proving once again that this is a nation hardened by history, that it suffers only to renew itself the other day and that it keeps pace with the changing needs so as to be in consonance with the ever changing time. Talks with Pakistan, restoration of the Muzaffarabad bus service, the historic exchange of prisoners etc are the cases in point. Another important factor which radiates the flourishing of India is its successful and smooth functioning of democracy. Right from its start, it allowed Universal Adult Franchise, a unique achievement in itself. Many scholars at that time predicted that a country as poor, illiterate and diverse as India, could not survive on Universal Adult

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