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Time management is already a problem for every student, it becomes even harder as extra-curricular activities are added and the school day is extended. I believe that the school day should be shortened. There are many reasons why the school day should be shortened. Students have shown better performance in the past when the school day is shortened.
Firstly, if the school day is shortened, teachers can assign more homework since students have more time after school. This will help students with their time management and make them less stressed. It will give students more opportunities to be kids and have fun. Also, they could do more extra curricular activities which could potentially help them make friends. In addition to being less stressed, students could also create better quality work with the amount of time that they have
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The four 21st centuries include creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. Creativity can be accomplished outside of school and can come in many forms like art, music, or technology. Collaboration is usually accomplished in school, but in fact, majority of work on group projects has to be done outside of school. But thanks to technology it’s easier to communicate with group members and to stay organized. Finally, there's critical thinking which kind of falls under collaboration and creativity. Critical thinking is like problem-solving so it’s very helpful when dealing with group projects. Many teachers at Punahou try and make questions on homework or tests that revolve around critical thinking. So school isn’t truly needed to develop 21st-century skills.
Consequently, longer school days don’t just affect students, but teachers too. Longer school days lead to more stress, anxiety, less sleep, and worse performance. Overall we shouldn’t extend the school day for the well-being and mental health of the students of
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