Essay on 602.3.5-01 ETT4 Task 1

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Content Structuring
One of the qualities that a good teacher should possess is to help and ensure that our students develop skills that will last a lifetime. One way we can do this is to help students develop good organization and note taking skills. Using graphic organizers is an easy and effective way to deliver information and demonstrate new techniques to students. Graphic organizers are also great tools that help students focus on what they are learning and also aid in learning the information.
Because there are so many different types of organizers and a variety of uses for them, the way each are introduced is crucial. The proper introduction will ensure that the students will be able to identify, organize, and integrate key
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Also, when using a Venn diagram, we don’t have to use complete sentences because there is not a lot of room, so we will just write a word or two.
What can we say about the candy bar? (Student responses are written on one side of the diagram) Alright, good. Now what can we say about the granola bar? (Student responses are written on the other side of the diagram) Good job everyone! So what do these two things have in common? This is what we will be writing in the middle part of the Venn diagram.
(Students discuss similarities, and I write their responses in the middle of the diagram.)
Awesome work everyone! I think you guys are getting the hang of it.
Ok class, now we are going to be comparing the main characters from two different books. I am going to read you a story and I want you to listen to the story because we will be discussing it afterwards. (I read the story aloud.)
Alright, so tell me some things about the main character, and I will write them in the diagram. (Students give me multiple different facts about the character) Great job everyone!
Now I have a small challenge for you. I have printed out a Venn diagram for all of you to fill out using the information we gathered from the first story, and also from a second book that I will read aloud, but this time you will be working in small cooperative groups to finish filling out the

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