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Instructions and Rubric for Elementary School Individual Counseling Case Conceptualization and Treatment Plan Individual counseling is a responsive service that involves one-to-one counseling with a student. Please use the case noted below to conceptualize the case and answer the questions on the rubric. Please use the rubric as your template for the assignment. That is, save a copy of the rubric as “Elementary School Treatment Plan”. Then, simply type your responses within the rubric template row and under each bulleted item. References will be included at the end of the document on a separate page in APA style. There is no required page length; just be sure to cover the rubric components completely and succinctly. The only information…show more content…
Select a culture different from your own. The rest of your responses in this rubric should consider Geoffrey’s culture. Geoffrey is Native American • This is a first session with Geoffrey, who used a self-referral to see you. What will you say to Geoffrey with regard to confidentiality? “Geoffrey, I want you to know that whatever we discuss together, I will not share with anyone unless it breaks school policy, you are harming yourself or others, or if the court tells me they want information from me. I want you to know that this is a safe environment that you can tell me whatever is on your mind and I will not share it with anyone unless it is one of the things that I mentioned, okay?” • Will you need or want to contact the parent or obtain parental permission for counseling services prior to meeting with Geoffrey? Why or why not? No, because Geoffrey is experiencing what seems to be a crisis situation, and I do not know the situation very well yet. I want Geoffrey to feel comfortable with me and know that my office
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