6Bc The Three Wise Men Visited Jesus And Gave Him Presents

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6BC the three wise men visited Jesus and gave him presents [christmas]
5BC King herod figured out that Jesus was born to be the messiah/king. King herod didn 't like that because he was the king and wanted to stay like that.he sent out his Guards To find him, he didn 't tell a6BC The annunciation the angel gabriel visited mary to ask if he would take jesus christ as a her son and she said yes.
6BC visitation: mary when to visit elizabeth as she was having a baby. she wanted to help out as they were cousins and she was congratulating her on her baby and telling her that she 's having a baby to and was going to be called jesus
6BC Birth: Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Judea. Jesus was not the son of Joseph in the ordinary sense. He was
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The Gospels describe various miracles, such as raising the dead, casting out devils, healing the sick, calming the waves and winds by command, and other wonderful deeds.

28 AD: Jesus chooses his 12 disciples: Jesus had chosen a little group of 12 disciples, or followers called apostles, to help him in his work. He began to give them special teaching and shared with them some of his own deepest religious experiences so that they could understand fully who he was, there names where simon/peter,andrew,james,john,philip,Thaddeus,Bartholomew,thomas,james,mathew, simon and judas.

30 AD The Last Supper: Jesus left Galilee and returned to Jerusalem. Soon, he realized that his teachings had aroused opposition. Worse still, he knew that one of his own disciples was turning against him. Jesus knew that the danger was great, and he must prepare for the end.
He gathered his 12 disciples together for a final meal, Known as the Last Supper, and explained to them that his death was necessary because it would establish a new covenant between God and man, and it would be the disciples ' duty to spread Jesus ' teachings after he had gone. He took bread and wine, blessed it and gave it to his disciples saying, "This is my body...this is my blood". Christians remember this when they celebrate Holy Communion.
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