7.0School Assessment Process. School Assessment Process

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7.0 School Assessment process
School assessment process differ in each school. It is important for all schools to follow the Assessment Principles. According to the personal communications with Bindi (2017) at the beginning of each school year the assessment results from the previous year are used to place students into appropriate learning groups and plan what to teach. Bindi also noted that she tries not to assess to regularly as she finds it difficult to get accurate results within her classroom. Bindi (2017) stated that she integrates both formative and summative assessment into the classroom by doing this she is able to keep assessments fair and meet their specific purposes.

8.0 Assessments within the year one classroom
According to
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To collect data in regards to the reading test the educator provides each student with a copy of the Standard Waddington Diagnostic Reading test and allows students with the appropriate amount of time to answer each question (Fisk Street Primary School, 2013). Once completed educators are able to mark the test using the marking analysis and discover the students chronological reading age. Students’ scores of or above 55 are then required to sit the Advanced Reading Test to indicate to educators the proper reading age of that student (Fisk Street Primary School, 2013).
The Waddington spelling test is used by educators to assess a student’s knowledge of words. Educators are required to read out words from the prescribed list of Standard Waddington Spelling words allowing time for students to write each word on an allocated recording sheet (Fisk Street Primary School, 2013). Once again the educator is required to mark the test using the marking analysis. According to Bindi (2017) this result assists in placing students in spelling groups appropriate to their spelling age and allows her to plan what to teach each group throughout the term. Furthermore, students who get a score of 65 or over are required to take the Advanced Spelling Test to get a more accurate spelling age (Fisk Street Primary School, 2013).
8.3 PM Benchmarking
Conferring to the personal communication with Bindi (2017) throughout the year educators at her institution commence PM Benchmarking to

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