7-Eleven Case Analysis

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Industry & competitor analysis Define industry: Convenience stores industry So for 7-eleven absolutely it belongs to convenience stores industry. Based on 7-eleven mission, The concept of convenience stores, developed by 7-Eleven, was shaping the way Americans shopped; in turn, American buying behavior and the American landscape were both shaping the identity of convenience stores. As a matter of habit, American shopped at big-box stores and supermarkets for all their weekly or monthly supplies. Convenience stores served as sources for supplementary shopping, for picking up daily-use items that had run out. Convenience stores were thus stuck in a warp. They could not gain top-of-mind recall among American consumers; they seemed…show more content…
Sixth, seating areas is an innovation and is targeted for senior citizens. Seven, taxi services is an innovation because convenience stores had a provision for calling for a taxi service for handicapped persons. Another one is vertical zoning in Taiwan. The advantage of vertical zoning is that there would always be people entering or exiting the high-rise. For a retailing business, footfalls are crucial. They are opportunities for making a profit. Consider a place like Manhattan in New York. Outside office hours, the place is deserted. You won’t see a vacuum of such a kind in Taiwan. There is a flow of potential customers 24/7. Industry key success factors: 1.Convenient locations. By May 2010, Taiwan had a total of 9,410 convenience stores, giving it the highest density of convenience stores in the world. The stores were each a six-minute walk apart, and each served a community of approximately 2,500 people. 2.Ability to provide fast convenient after the sale repairs and service. Taiwanese consumers had an obsession with immediacy; they did not like to wait, as evidenced by the way they sailed through the traffic in Taipei. Convenience stores were thus aligned with this need for instant gratification. Some characteristics of Taiwanese society were central to the evolution of the convenience store industry in Taiwan. In the United States and Canada, property

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