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7 – Eleven | | External analysisTeam members: Number of characters (including spaces, footnotes, end notes and text boxes): _22,999_Signatures of all the participating group/team members:_____________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ ____________________________ | | Project no.: 1 Class and group number: Table of Contents Introduction 2 INTRODUCING 7-ELEVEN 3 Marketing mix 3 Product 3 Place 4 Price & Promotion 4 People 4 Process 4 Physical environment 4 Mission 5 Vision 5 Values 5 Objectives 6 Macro environment – PESTLE analysis 6 Political 7…show more content…
An analysis of the company’s macro environment (PESTLE) 4. An analysis of the convenience retail industry (Porters Five Forces) and an analysis of the competitive situation. and it includes conclusions and sums up throughout the content, as well as a decision note for the management department in the 7-Eleven company. INTRODUCING 7-ELEVEN “7-Eleven, Inc. is the world’s largest convenience retailer chain with more than 48,000 stores in 16 countries, of which approximately 9,460 are in North America, and the company has more outlets than any other retailer or food service provider. 7-Eleven adds another store to its worldwide operations every 2 hours. ” 7-Eleven stores emphasize convenience for customer and provide fresh take-out foods, groceries, beverages, candy, gasoline (at more than 2,400 locations), dairy products, non-food merchandise, specialty items, certain financial services, lottery tickets and incidental services. 7-Eleven stores generally operate 24 hours a day every day of the year (except, at the franchisee's option, Christmas Day) unless a local law requires the store to close during certain hours. The owner of the master franchise for 7-Eleven in Scandinavia is Reitan Servicehandel, a part of the Norwegian retail group Reitan Group. All stores are franchised, and 7-Eleven often tries to place the stores on corners in city centers. In Denmark there are a number of 196 stores and the number continues to grow. Marketing mix

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