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7-Eleven in Taiwan

With the accelerated pace of people's lives, convenience stores have played an increasingly important role in today's society. 7-Eleven and Family Mart, which are the most famous convenience-store chains, can be found easily in many countries or regions. This assignment aims to address 6 questions sufficiently that based on the case of 7-Eleven in Taiwan: the first two are focus on the concept of convenience stores and the rest will link with the expansion and adaptation of 7-Eleven to the new market---Taiwan.

Q1: How has the convenience-store concept evolved in the US?

Generally, the convenience store (CVS) can be defined as a retailing type of operation, satisfying consumers' demands for convenience and emergency.
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Finally, the product offerings in Taiwan were more localized to meet Taiwanese consumers' needs and technology was also integrated into the concept.

Q3: How the 7-Eleven stores in Taiwan compare with their counterparts in the US?

The first Taiwanese 7-Eleven store was launched by PCSC in 1980. As the local franchisee, PCSC kept the store logo and the core of convenience-store concept that was well established in America. By contrast, other aspects of the store chain had been re-formatted. For the layout, 7-Eleven in Taiwan had smaller average store area of 700 m2, only a quarter of that in the US. In terms of product offerings, despite providing basic daily-use products as the US model, the Taiwanese 7-Eleven stores also served local common foods such as tea egg, luwei and biandang. Furthermore, innovative services were the distinctive traits of Taiwanese 7-Eleven. In spite of the high level of operations, PCSC also extended the concept of customer convenience to the information technology(IT). For example, 7-Eleven in Taiwan introduced e-commerce (i-Bon---reserve train or opera tickets), e-payment (i-Cash), mobile communications (phone cards and the Internet) , pickup and delivery (books and auction items). Finally, the value chain was improved well by 7-Eleven Taiwan. Except the development of

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